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Welcome to the KWA Help Desk!
Posted by KWA [Jim R.] on 19 August 2011 09:58 AM

First Time User?

-Evaluate your needs

  • KWA Pro Shop- For part inquiries, please have part numbers ready. Diagrams can be accessed on our online Pro Shop at This Link.
  • KWA Repair Center- For out of warranty items.
  • KWA Warranty Service- Items within 90 days of purchase. Review warranty card for terms and conditions. Must have original dated purchase receipt.
  • KWA General Questions- We do not discuss upcoming releases or prices.
  • KWA Technical Questions- For troubleshooting tips. We apologize, however we do not give out repair instructions due to liability.
  • KWA Authorized Dealer RMA (For Dealers Only)- For our KWA Authorized Resellers only, do not use unless you are a KWA Authorized Reseller.
  • PTS Warranty Only- For PTS RM4 ERG Warranty Repairs only. If non warranty, please use Repair Center.

 *For additional technical information please visit our forum. Our forum is an excellent source of information for the KWA enthusiast. You will find posts related to everything from cosmetic enhancements to performance upgrades and everything in between.


-What do I need to know when submitting a ticket?

1. When submitting a ticket please include:

a. Full name and complete shipping address

b. Contact phone number

c. Gun model and serial number (located on the gun)

d. Brand and weight of bbs being used

e. If AEG what type of battery being used

f. Where the gun was purchased and the purchase date

g. Brief but specific explanation of what the problem is

2. You may be asked additional questions or be given trouble shooting instructions before being issued an RMA number.