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Pictured: Sr. Cpl. Landry Willis, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Deputy & SWAT Operator (Lake Charles, LA) & the KWA Adaptive Training Pistol (ATP).

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“KWA makes a great product that is durable, reliable, and meets my needs as a professional trainer.”

Bill Lewitt |Lead Medical Instructor, Tactical Development Group Way of the

Border Patrol

“The realism to the [KWA] weapons is unparalleled. No configuration to the weapon, and you can concentrate on training instead of counting the rounds you are spending.”

Agent Hernandez | US Border Patrol

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“The trainers and students were very pleased with the performance, reliability & realism of the KWA training system.”

Lt. Dobrowski M. | Federal Bureau of Prisons

SD Sheriff Dept

“Solid Platform, I can use my optics and illumination tools from my duty weapon on KWA’s training system. The craftsmanship and build is top notch.”

Deputy Evans | San Diego Sheriffs Dept.

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The New KR Series

The new KR series is the latest edition to the KWA rifle line. Featuring sleek, monolithic Key mod rail systems available in 5 in, 7 in, 9in, 12in, and 14in variants. The advanced ergonomics of these new rifles are sure to give you an edge on the battlefield on all three KWA systems — AEG, GBB & ERG.

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Redefining Airsoft
for over 27 years

New Technologies. New Breakthroughs.

KWA’s NS2 system is heart of the gas blowback pistol and sub machine gun lines. Built of the original tried and true platform the NS2 offers superior gas efficiency combined with maximum output.

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If you’re looking for OEM KWA parts & accessories to keep your professional training rifle or pistol running to spec, visit the KWA pro Shop for the latest deals.

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Looking for more KWA Products, Parts & Accessories?

KWA Pro Shop Featured Products

Metal Rear Flip-Up Sight

In stock / Shipping Available

For a very limited time, KWA is re-releasing our rear flip-up metal sight, which fits all standard rail systems. This high quality all-metal piece features a windage knob and folds down to a flat position. Grab yours fast, these are only available in extremely limited quantity!

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KM4 SR Free Float Rails

Shipping Available

Now you can customize your KWA KM4 to suit your style of game play!

The SR Series has been the go-to name in Airsoft for AEGs, and now you can add the stylish and functional free float rail system to match the look that you want. Made of high strength aluminum alloy to last for years.

KM4 SR7 Rail- 156mm

KM4 SR10 Rail- 236mm

KM4 SR12 Rail- 286mm

*Limited quantity, get them while they last!

KM4 SR Free Float Rail Base Ring Assembly is required for assembly.

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KM4 Series Outer Barrels

Shipping Available

The KWA AEG outer barrels are a major component of KWA legendary KM4 Series, and showcase the quality that KWA is famous for. Click the picture to see the reference guide for outer barrels, then select your barrel section from the drop down.

#556-5: The updated one-piece barrel for the KM4 SR7.

#299S-OB: This complete outer barrel fits the KM4 CQB, Commando, and CQR Mod 2. It also fits the KM4 SR7, but is not of a one-piece design. Please also note that some versions of the KM4 Commando come with a one-piece outer barrel, but either this or the one-piece version will fit the Commando.

#299: This rear section will fit the KM4 CQB, CQRs Mod 1 and 2, KM4A1, and KM4 RIS. It will also fit the KM4 Commando and SR7 when purchased with barrel piece 299-2.

#299-1: This front barrel section fits the KM4 RIS, KM4A1, and CQR Mod 1.

#299-2: This front barrel section fits the KM4 CQB, CQR Mod 2, and when paired with part 299 will fit the KM4 SR7 or KM4 Commando.

#546-5: This rear outer barrel fits the KM4 SR10.

#645-6: This is the front section to the KM4 SR10.

#328: This one-piece barrel fits the KM16BR as well as the KM4 SR12.

All barrels are to scale with the measuring tape and all visible threads are 14mm CCW, so you can customize your rifle to fit your game style!

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KWA Summer Supply Drop

Shipping Available

Grab your KWA Summer Supply Drop kit while they last, complete with KWA Wayfarer style sunglasses, our super-soft tri-blend KeyMod AEG Series t-shirt, and a rugged KWA Combat Case for your iPhone 6/6 Plus. The t-shirt is available in either grey or black, and you can choose from nine available Combat Case colors to match your personality. The brand new KWA Wayfarer style sunglasses also offer complete UV400 protection.

Please note gunsmiths mat is not included but can be found here:




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KWA KR AEG Series Shirt: Black

Shipping Available

Get your hands on the new KWA KeyMod AEG T-Shirt! The super soft tri-blend shirt features the new KWA KR Series on the back and the KeyMod accessory rail down the front. With a mix of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, this shirt is amazingly soft and comfortable, but durable enough to show your KWA pride for years.

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KWA iPhone 6 and 6S Combat Case

Shipping Available

The all new KWA Combat Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is ultra durable, snaps on for easy installation, and is made of high grade polymer that will meet the demand for protection that your phone deserves.

-Easy access to ports and buttons with functional and precise fitment.

-Designed and manufactured by KWA Performance Industries, Inc.

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KWA Gunsmith’s Benchmat

In stock / Shipping Available

The KWA Gunsmith’s Benchmat has long been a must-have for home work on your KWA pistol, rifle or SMG. The deep grooves help catch any stray parts during cleaning and disassembly, and the ultra thick and durable rubber will protect your counter space from grease and grime.

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LM4 One-Piece Upper Receiver Assembly

In stock / Shipping Available

The KWA LM4 one-piece upper receiver is the brand new upgrade piece for your LM4, LM4C, or LM4 RIS. This assembly is compatible with all KWA LM4 models, including the LM4, LM4C, and LM4 RIS, and comes with parts 24, 28, 29, 30, 31-5, 32, 35, 77, 78, 79, 105, 109, 184, 196, and 209 preinstalled.

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About Us

The KWA Legacy

The world’s leading airsoft brand has been designing and manufacturing a full line of high-quality Automatic Electric Guns (AEG), Electric Recoil Guns (ERG), and Gas Blow Back (GBB) products for over 27 years; and through its manufacturing legacy has created new technologies that have redefined the airsoft industry.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Our Work

The Southern California-based company has been designing and manufacturing high-quality airsoft products for over 27 years, including 1:1 scale, Mil-Spec, replica products for consumer and law enforcement/military training. KWA’s long-standing tradition of craftsmanship and innovation is met with a commitment to deliver superior performance and ultimate reliability.

Military & Law Enforcement

Pro Grade

KWA works with a variety of military, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and training centers. By offering products that are not only cost effective, but also reliable in performance and solid in build quality, KWA has advanced the development of airsoft into a non-lethal training alternative for military and law enforcement agencies around the world.