airsoft guns are not toys

Airsoft guns are designed for persons of age 18 or older for sporting purpose only and to be operated under the U.S. firearms safety codes. The effective shooting range is approximately 160 feet and can be affected by surrounding conditions, such as temperature, wind, etc. It is strongly recommended to use the airsoft gun in a safe designated shooting range or area and to treat all airsoft guns as real firearms. Airsoft guns can be dangerous and can cause serious injury, it is the user’s responsibility to handle air sports guns in a safe manner. Be sure to treat all airsoft guns as if they were loaded and never point at anyone or objects that you do not intend to shoot. Only aim your airsoft gun in a safe direction. U.S. federal law requires a minimum 6mm orange marking on any firearm replicas and by removing the orange tip, you are violating the law and it can endanger yourself and others.

The airsoft guns are not toys, although they fire 6mm plastic BBs at relatively low velocity, there are still high risks for personal injury if proper protective gear is not worn. Remember, the airsoft guns resemble real firearms in appearance, size and some functional respects. It is recommended not to carry or display the airsoft gun in public areas. Any crimes committed with an airsoft gun will be prosecuted as if a real firearm were used. Be sure not to point the airsoft guns at any law enforcement officers or any other armed persons, doing so, may put yourself in a avery dangerous situation.


All users must wear shooting or safety glasses at all times

keep away from children

Airsoft BBs can be a choking hazard 


Always retrieve BBs after shooting

  • Read owner’s manual thoroughly before handling and loading gun
  • Handle airsoft gun as if it were loaded!
  • Always keep gun pointed in a safe direction!
  • Make sure your target and surrounding area are safe before firing!
  • Always keep the safety on and place finger outside trigger guard when you are not ready to shoot!
  • Always examine and unload gun after shooting. Store in safe place and keep away form children!
  • Always use proper 6mm caliber BBs and never reuse BBs!
  • Accidents usually result from negligence of basic safety rules!
  • Do not point the gun at any person/object you do not intend to shoot
  • Do not load any airsoft gun until you are ready to fire!
  • Do not look directly at or into the muzzle at any time!
  • Never shoot at surface of water, a rock, or a hard surface. Doing so may cause the BB to ricochet which can result in projectile striking an unintended person or object!
  • Never jump or climb an obstacle with a loaded airsoft gun.
  • Never leave a loaded airsoft gun unattended.